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This site helps Canadian boomers plan their post career lifestyle & retirement. Whether it's semi-retirement or packing-it-in and moving to the country, there's a lot of planning and decision making to do. This site aims to make the experience a little less intimidating and inspire our readers to act by providing information on finance, lifestyle, travel and starting a business.  Don't hesitate to contact us with your suggestions or leave comments on our Facebook Page (Link above). 


Approaching Two Months on Keto Diet!

As Boomers age, our metabolism slows down and we start to show the impact on our bodies in the form of increased body-fat. I decided it was time to try something different to get rid of my mid-riff bulge! I am now almost two months into a Keto diet.  So far I have lost about 8 pounds (3.5 kg).  My wife has really helped me to expand my Keto diet to include new recipes. Otherwise I might have just been eating bacon, eggs, nuts, meat and avocadoes all the time!  While she is not on Keto herself, fortunately she seems to enjoy researching new recipes. She even found recipes for Keto Bread, Keto cookies and Keto crackers. The main new ingredients she uses for these new recipes include casava flour, almond flour, golden flax meal, xanthan gum, and cream of tartar to add volume to these non-gluten flours (when combined with egg whites).   

I have pretty much abandoned beer, which I used to drink a lot of.  So far I still have a bit of a beer belly though. It seems that I don't get to decide where the fat comes off! I seem to be loosing fat from my face, butt, breasts and legs while the belly is lagging behind. I have concluded that diet alone, even with keto enzyme supplements, is not enough! Exercises, especially core strengthening and aerobic exercises, are also important.  I can hardly wait for the winter to end so that I can safely do more walking and cycling. 

I do like the way my Keto diet frees me from blood sugar swings. Eating is more a matter of remembering to eat, as opposed to needing to eat.  I just don't feel hungry all the time the way I used to on a high carb diet. This is because the ketones produced by the liver during ketosis provide our cells with more of a steady, slow burning source of energy. 

I would value hearing about your experiences with using the Keto diet. I have included the Keto Bread recipe my wife uses below: 

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Morocco for Independent Travelers

Essaouira Harbour Tower 300x223Moroccans like to tell you that they are the only Arab country that doesn’t have [significant amounts of] petroleum. That means they need to rely on Agriculture, Tourism, and high quality crafts and other manufactured exports to earn their place in the world economy. Perhaps this is why Moroccans are so industrious. They must work hard for their living! 

Our Itinerary – We took Air Canada (AC 808) overnight from Montreal direct to Casablanca then took a connecting flight on Royal Air Maroc to Marrakech. We stayed in-and-around Marrakech for the first six nights. We then bused to Essaouira on Supratour. The bus ride took just over three hours. We stayed in Essaouira for six nights in a lovely Riad apartment-style hotel called Maison des Palmiers inside the old Medina. After Essaouira we took another Supratour bus to Agadir which also took over three hours. We stayed in Agadir for four nights in an AirBnB about a 15 minute walk from Agadir’s famous beach. Then we flew on AirArabia to Rabat for three nights. In Rabat we were inside the old Medina at Riad Marhoba. Then we took the ONCF train to Casablanca, where we stayed in a lovely AirBnB near L'Oasis, before returning back to Montreal on flight AC 809. 

Read on to discover the highlights of our trip! 


Cannabis - Medicine, Party Drug or Both?

cannabis photo 225x150

On October 17, Cannabis will be legal for recreational use in Canada. While many of us tried Cannabis in the 60's and 70's, some of us wonder if it's time to re-new our acquaintance. In this interview I pose questions about the future of Cannabis in Canada to Luka Petkovich of Greencamp.  Luka works for a website that (among other things) specializes in mapping the medical uses of Cannabis to the appropriate products and suppliers.

So, what are the medical uses of Cannabis? Would I be better off procuring a medical prescription rather than simply buying it without a prescription? What is the difference between THC and CBD?  Will Canada continue to be a world leader on the Cannabis front? These and other questions are posed about the future of Cannabis in Canada.  I think you will be surprised, enlightened and perhaps even excited by the answers Luka provides below.


Colombia: New Destination for Independent Travelers

library to inquisition window 385x283Colombia is quickly becoming an attractive new destination for independent travellers! You can easily book hotels and flights using your favourite online apps. Even retirement specialists are touting Medellin (pronounced Med-e-jeen) as the next, best new place to retire. 

Altogether, we spent 6 nights in Cartagena, 5 nights in Tolu (for the beach), and 3 nights in Medellin. This was our first trip to South America. On our Pulmantur cruise we set sail from Cartagena and visited Curacao, Bonaire, Aruba and Panama, returning to Cartagena after 7 nights. In total, our trip was 21 nights plus a night on either end in Montreal close to the airport. 

Read on if you would like to know more about Colombia as a possible travel destination.