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This site helps Canadian boomers plan their post career lifestyle & retirement. Whether it's semi-retirement or packing-it-in and moving to the country, there's a lot of planning and decision making to do. This site aims to make the experience a little less intimidating and inspire our readers to act by providing information on finance, lifestyle, travel and starting a business.  Don't hesitate to contact us with your suggestions or leave comments on our Facebook Page (Link above). 


Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

I went to a recent meeting of my Neighbourhood Watch group where we had a presentation from the local Disaster Planning Team. The presenter listed some of the disasters that we might reasonably expect to occur. One skeptic put up his hand and said with a deadpan expression, “You forgot one… Zombie Apocalypse!”

It’s true that real disasters are usually few and far between. They are something you read about in the newspaper or hear about on the news in locations far away, like a hurricane in Florida, Cuba or Puerto Rico, an earthquake in Mexico, a raging forest fire in the Napa Valley region of Northern California, Williams Lake in British Columbia, or Fort MacMurray in Alberta.  

Disaster 500x313

However it seems to me that these catastrophic events are happening more and more frequently, perhaps due to Climate Change. Furthermore, disasters can easily overwhelm the ability of local police, fire, and ambulance resources to safely respond in a timely manner. Basically, you need to take responsibility for your own safety and survival in these extreme situations.

So what do you need to be prepared? What can you do to be more self sufficient?
You will need the following:

Latest Articles

The Single Option

Irene Yarkoni 185x278It's been a while since Inspiring Boomer's last interview with Irene Yarkoni, owner of The Single Option. Irene has over 20 years of experience helping singles find their match. She has witnessed the proliferation of online dating sites like Tinder. However, when it comes to relationships, some things never change! According to Irene, Boomers "value authentic personal communication" and Irene's tried and true methods are still arguably the best path to finding your ideal match.  If you are single, looking for a partner in life, and lucky enough to live in or near Ottawa, then you owe it to yourself to check out The Single Option.   But even if you don't live anywhere near Ottawa, Irene provides some excellent advice for singles in this interview. And, there are a lot of single boomers in Canada: Almost 2.5 Million! 

Read on!!!


Canoeing Conroy Marsh

Conroy Marsh Maggie II 2017 500x281

This year our annual canoe trip focused on Conroy Marsh. This was the part of last year's trip that we had to abort due to high winds. This large marsh is roughly 24 square kilometres in size.  It is the joint estuary of the Little Mississippi River and the York River and joins the Madawaska between Combermere and Palmer Rapids. We put our canoes into the Madawaska River just downstream from the bridge in Combermere at the Bent Anchor Bar & Restaurant. The owner, Maggie, gave us permission to park our SUV overnight. As usual, we had two canoes, two people in each (Bernie and I in the blue canoe and Ted and Ken in the red canoe).  For me, our annual canoe trip is an affirmation that I'm still in good enough physical health to enjoy my retirement years!


Experiencing Cuba a la Carte

Mural Small

This article features an indepth look at Varadero, Havana, Vinales, and Cardenas as tourist destinations.  The article focuses on new options for the independent traveller as opposed to the typical Cuban all-inclusive vacation. We also tried to drill down on how Cubans are feeling and what the future holds for Cuba.